With the project: from self-organising teams to lifelong learning, co-financed with the European Social Fund, Natuurfontein wanted to investigate how it could strengthen the development towards a professional learning organisation.

Interviews with management and staff showed that Natuurfontein, despite its unique philosophy of 'always outside', did not have a clear, shared course that was supported by the whole organisation. This led to tensions between the goals of the organisation on the one hand and the development opportunities and demands of employees on the other. 

After discussions, and the subsequent advice, implementation plan and guidance, various actions were taken with successful results.

  • During the project, a clear structure was established from a renewed vision and mission, which successfully contributed to the development of the learning organisation. 

  • A clear structure has been set up to allow for collaborative development. This has been facilitated by the board and management. 

  • Employees have been and continue to be trained frequently in professionalism. Talents within the team are optimally utilised.

  • Employees feel at home in the organisation. Natuurfontein now consists of a group of enterprising people who learn from and with each other and dare to experiment.

This Project is co-financed by the European Union