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Working at Natuurfontein

Natuurfontein exists since 2011 and is the first and only nature-oriented BSO of Amsterdam. We are a fast growing organisation with 4 locations in West, more than 60 employees and over 600 children. At Natuurfontein we know for sure: For a balanced development and growth, children need nature and outdoor play. This is not only proven by various studies, but we at Natuurfontein also experience this in daily practice. Therefore we offer childcare where children are almost always outside, in an enriched play environment. This makes children more creative, more curious, more social and healthier. In short: every child benefits!

  •  in Amsterdam
  • 70% / 30%
  • Average age: 30 years
  • 60 employees

Develop within our company

At the greenest BSO of Amsterdam, you will get all the space you need to use your natural talents. For example bushcraft, survival, outdoor cooking, making musical instruments, scouting, artistic ideas or sports. We offer training and coaching in different areas, such as green (edible plants, making fire, knowledge of trees, sustainability), pedagogy (how to deal with emotions in children) and personal development (both personal and team development).

Why work at Natuurfontein?


Thomas - Teaching Assistant

Thomas consciously chose Natuurfontein. According to him, nature is exactly what children need. "At Natuurfontein children gain important experiences that they do not get at school. In this way, we make a positive contribution to development. We choose the greenest places ourselves and also organise activities based on our own interests. I draw inspiration from my own childhood memories of scouting, and in the meantime I get to experience things myself!

Dora - Teaching Assistant

"At Natuurfontein the pedagogical staff have a lot of freedom in how they discover nature together with the children. That really appealed to me, which is why I chose Natuurfontein." The outdoor life at Natuurfontein, in all weathers, is opposite to the increasing indoor life. Dora can really appreciate this. "Being outside brings air, light and inspiration. I am happy and grateful that I can contribute to a world where the contact between child and nature is natural again."


Femke - location manager

"Growing up in nature is really a must for children. Outside, they learn more about their environment and about themselves. Nature Fountain plays an important role in this. With us children learn about insects, plants, how to make fire and how to climb trees. That's why at Natuurfontein we all work with passion, passion for pedagogy and passion for the outdoors. I remember my first day at Natuurfontein very well, it really felt like coming home. A warm, nice atmosphere where we take care of the children, our colleagues and the earth."

Jeroen Hilbrink (45) - Director

We felt a mission: Children should have more undisturbed moments of play, at least 1.5 hours a day. Preferably in a natural environment. To create unforgettable childhood memories. Outdoors and nature lend themselves best for that. Being bored, pioneering, taking risks and having an adventure are key.