I missed playing undisturbed games in the open - every child should be able to do that every day.

How it all started...

Dreamer, pioneer, nature lover and Natuurfontein-founder Monique van Loenen once fantasised about a green outdoor BSO... A place where children could play outside undisturbed, while enjoying and learning from nature! Why sit inside when nature is so fantastic, so educational and so good for development? 

"How come this doesn't exist yet?"

It took some doing, but the seed was planted. Monique could think of nothing else. And because it did not exist, she decided to set up such a fantastic BSO herself. In September 2011 it was a fact: Natuurfontein opened its first branch in Amsterdam Oud-West. It was an instant success!

And now, ten years later and five branches richer, Natuurfontein is still the growing and thriving organization Monique once dreamed of.

nature-fountain-outdoor games

Real time for outdoor play

But what makes Natuurfontein so different from other BSOs where children occasionally play outside? At Natuurfontein the children really get the time to play outside - every day! At least 2 hours, without interruption or direction. Playing outside without a plan. They don't have to do anything. And what does that give you? A lot!

  • Unexpected encounters with nature's inhabitants - which creates great intrinsic learning moments
  • The knowledge that everything in nature has a function
  • Rediscovering play with shapeless materials, allowing children to be free to create their own play, and promoting creativity
  • Blow off steam, gain self-confidence, get a good night's sleep and much more...

What we are proud of

Big business

  • We are regularlymoderately approached by BNR, NOS and the Parool when it comes to outdoor play, nature and the city.
  • Brain Professor Erik Schreder praises us as the initiative for healthy brain development in young children.
  • Together with Stichting Groen Cement we laid the foundation for the Green Quality Mark for childcare.
  • We are working with the trade association to improve the regulations for outdoor and nature-based BSOs.

  • We are constantly asked if we can open new sites in other places in and around Amsterdam.

  • We always choose the most sustainable, organic and fair trade option - for all aspects of our operation.

Even bigger business

  • We fill the city parks parks with sounds from happy children.

  • We make our own (wild-picked) herb butter, soup and many other things.
  • We are the little helpers of Hortus Botanicus.
  • We always clean up our mess and leave everything tidier than we found it.
  • We have already given more than 1600 children unforgettable childhood memories.
  • We know how to shoot with bow and arrow.
  • We make cool things with knives.
  • We are not afraid of rain, mud or wind.

Green Cement Hallmark

Groen Cement brings together professionals who work with children and nature and environmental experts. They do this, among other things, via the Green Cement hallmark - an initiative to make child care greener.

Groen Cement only gives this green label to locations that have actually been visited and it is not valid for an entire organisation. When assessing a location, Groen Cement looks at the daily outdoor play area, the pedagogical policy plan, cooperations with nature and environmental organisations, the green knowledge of pedagogical employees, vegetable garden activities and green training. 

All Natuurfontein locations have the quality mark of Groen Cement. We are very proud of this, because in this way we can really prove that experiencing nature and playing outdoors is central at Natuurfontein. More information about the quality mark can be found on the website of Groen Cement.


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