Natuurfontein is not a standard BSO. We are green, adventurous and love playing outside. And
we are also a bit contrary: we like to do things differently. But in between experimenting and pioneering
we do want to be sure that we keep moving in the right direction. The parent committee helps us with this.

What is the Parents' Committee?

The parent committee is a group of motivated Natuurfontein parents. See the committee as an extra pair of eyes, an advisor, a sparring partner, a green finger on the pulse and a partner in crime. The goal of the parent committee is to ensure that children feel comfortable and safe at Natuurfontein. Each location has its own parent committee.

What does the Parents' Committee do?

The parent committee is fun, but also serious work. The committee advises on, among other things:

  • Opening hours and rates
  • The general policy such as safety, health and nutrition
  • The pedagogical quality policy
  • What lives, what goes well and what could be improved

The Parents' Committee also thinks about other important issues: How do we deal with a city on the move? What do we want to teach our children? How do we give our children a great time while keeping our vision in mind?

The Parents' Committee meets a couple of times a year with the location manager. During these meetings we look at the above points together.


Super! The Parents' Committee can always use positive and critical parents.

Ask your site manager for more information or mail us at one of the e-mail addresses on the right.


Houthavens: Marieke de Rooij, Renske Keukenkamp

Westerpark: Doede van der Linden, Folkert Postma, Freeke Heijne, Jacomina Logtenberg

WG Terrain: Ewald Slingerland

Overtoomseveld: Frauke Nijdam, Freya Zuidervaart, Karlijn Hoorens, Marjolein Lokhorst