Welcome to Natuurfontein Digital. Through the following links you can move digitally within Natuurfontein

Google Workspace

Your Natuurfontein Email address is an extended email address with which you can do much more! Just log in to this page,

Google Workspace and find everything about creating documents, your Calender, your Gmail and the Drive. (Natural talents).

After you have logged in, you will find NF Sites on the task bar. Here you will find all the software we use.



In this environment you will find everything about your timetable, your leave, registering your hours, giving availability or requesting leave

Install on your phone as an app (iOS safari / Android) : https://natuurfontein.flexkids.nl/youko/?install-pwa=true



In this environment, you can view and save your contracts, view notes, review performance reports, etc. You will also find here the induction procedure and digital courses and trainings.



Here you will find your salary slip and details.

Natuurflits Insider


This is our weekly internal news bulletin. All internal information can be found here. You can log in here with your gmail account.