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Internship pedagogical employee


(Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated).

Working at Natuurfontein

Natuurfontein exists since 2011 and is the first and only nature-oriented BSO of Amsterdam. We are a growing organisation with 4 locations in Amsterdam-West, with more than 60 employees and over 600 children. At Natuurfontein we are convinced that children need nature and outdoor play opportunities for a balanced growth and development. This is not only proven by various studies, but we also experience this in daily practice. Therefore, we offer childcare where children are almost always outside, in (urban) nature. This makes children more creative, curious, social and healthy.

  • in Amsterdam
  • 70% / 30%
  • Average age: 30 years
  • 60 employees

Job opening

Natuur-BSO Natuurfontein is looking for an intern for one of our four locations in Amsterdam! As a trainee pedagogical employee (level 3 or 4, or a relevant college education such as pedagogy), you love outdoor play, nature, have a great imagination, are creative and follow our green policy. Do you want to learn more about nature, bushcraft, risk-free play and give children great childhood memories in (urban) nature? Then we are looking for you!

What do we do at Natuurfontein?
And what is green?

Maybe it's a good idea to tell you first that Natuurfontein is no ordinary BSO. Do not expect an ordinary internship ;-)
For us, growing up in and with nature is the starting point. We also show this to the children. That is why we always play outside, whatever the weather. Bushcraft, risk-free play, cooking in nature - we do it all! And yes, sometimes they get a bit dirty or wet, or both. And so do you.

This is part of it and we stand for it. Our parents also consciously choose this. Playing freely outside, romping around in nature and playing undisturbed is also great fun and healthy. It gives more self-confidence, resilience, balance, rest and better concentration. 

What will you do?

As an intern, you are there for the children. Together with a pedagogical staff member, you have your own group that you pick up from school every day. You spend the afternoon outside and that is where it all happens:

  • You give the children undisturbed play opportunities
  • You let them see, feel, taste and experience urban nature
  • You give them freedom and let them explore
  • You do cool nature activities that you come up with yourself
  • You help them create the most beautiful childhood memories

Every week, you meet with your colleagues to discuss and coordinate all ongoing issues.

This is you:

  • A nature lover and outdoorsman (or want to become one!)
  • Interested in risky play
  • Living in or around Amsterdam
  • You are following a relevant education: Pedagogic employee level 3 or 4, or a relevant higher professional education (for example hbo pedagogics)
  • An approacher, team player, eager to learn and responsible

This is not you:

  • Afraid of worms, rain, mud, dirty hands and bicycles
  • Cruella de Vil, Miss Trunchbull, Darth Vader
  • A loner, solo-rider
  • Passive, lazy rather than tired

What do you get from us?

At Natuurfontein, you are truly allowed to be yourself. We love to learn and are open-minded, diverse and personable. Count on lots of personal attention, commitment and a close-knit team. And in return for your talents, of course, you'll get a lot of fun from us:

  • An internship stipend according to the Child Care collective agreement.
  • An internship that looks good on your resume! We are Amsterdam's most popular BSO and a pioneer in sustainability, easycracy and ecology. 
  • A practice supervisor who supports you with your internship assignments. We help you develop further on the pedagogical level and there is also a lot of attention for personal and team development.
  • In addition, we offer you space and time to develop yourself through training and coaching. For example, we teach you everything about nature: What is bushcraft? How do you do survival? Which plants can you eat and how do you make fire? What is sustainability and how does it work? How do you work with knives and cook outside? There is also to observe and there is room for methodical action.
  • In addition to working in the group, you will be able to participate with a site manager, assistant manager, pedagogical coach and policy officer. This will give you more insight into the possibilities for growth within BSO/KDV.
  • Depending on your experience, we teach you the tricks of the trade and you get more and more responsibilities. Your internship supervisor will help you with this. 

If we really like each other and you are in your final year, we will give you a certain 9-month contract after the end of your internship.

Why work at Natuurfontein?


Thomas - Teaching Assistant

Thomas consciously chose Natuurfontein. According to him, nature is exactly what children need. "At Natuurfontein children gain important experiences that they do not get at school. In this way, we make a positive contribution to development. We choose the greenest places ourselves and also organise activities based on our own interests. I draw inspiration from my own childhood memories of scouting, and in the meantime I get to experience things myself!


Femke - location manager

"Growing up in nature is really a must for children. Outside, they learn more about their environment and about themselves. Nature Fountain plays an important role in this. With us children learn about insects, plants, how to make fire and how to climb trees. That's why at Natuurfontein we all work with passion, passion for pedagogy and passion for the outdoors. I remember my first day at Natuurfontein very well, it really felt like coming home. A warm, nice atmosphere where we take care of the children, our colleagues and the earth."



"Now that I work at Natuurfontein everything falls into place, I felt it when I first walked in. I really become very happy with my work. I gained a lot of experience during previous studies, my work as a gardener and as a visual artist. I use this experience as a source of knowledge to work with the children. My goal is to create "green memories" in the children - memories that they will carry with them for a long time, even when they are older, and that they can use in their further development. And I do this with full conviction. Because being outside in nature is really important."



As a former PM and now an intern at Natuurfontein, I am very happy with all the opportunities I am given. I can use my creativity in devising and implementing green developmental support activities. There is a lot of opportunity to participate in knowledge deepening trainings. Furthermore, I get the time and space to work on my internship assignments and receive attentive guidance in the process. I grew up in the city and really missed playing outside in nature. That's why I think it's so cool to be able to offer this to the next generation. Being outside every day is a huge gift not only for me, but also for the children.

Cool job?

(Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated).