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Child planner and digital all-rounder


Working at Natuurfontein

Natuurfontein exists since 2011 and is the first and only nature-oriented BSO of Amsterdam. We are a growing organisation with four locations in Amsterdam-West, with more than sixty employees and over six hundred children. At Natuurfontein we are convinced that children need nature and outdoor play opportunities for a balanced growth and development. This is not only proven by various studies, but we also experience this in daily practice. Therefore, we offer childcare where children are almost always outside, in (urban) nature. This makes children more creative, curious, social and healthy.

  • in Amsterdam
  • 70% / 30%
  • Average age: 30 years
  • 60 employees

Job opening Child planner and digital all-rounder

For our growing BSO organisation, we are looking for a child planner with the right mindset and attitude. Because in addition to organising the child planning of our four green BSO locations, we also need your magic to speak to parents and to help our staff members digitally on their way. So are you a digital all-rounder with affinity for helpdesks and data systems, and are you customer-oriented and commercial? Then read on.

Who are we?

We are Natuurfontein, the greenest outdoor BSO in Amsterdam. Our children always play outside, whatever the weather. Bushcraft, risk-free play, cooking in nature - we do it all! And yes, they do get dirty. Not you (unless you don't clean your keyboard, of course).

Getting dirty is part of life and we stand for it as Natuurfontein. Our parents also consciously choose this. Playing freely outside, romping around in nature and playing undisturbed is also great fun and healthy: it gives more self-confidence, resilience, balance, peace and better concentration. 

What will you do?

Even though we are a bit stubborn and different, there are things that just have to be done right. Like child planning and access to all our systems. We are looking for an all-rounder. Your job roughly consists of three important parts:

  1. You pick up new registrations for our locations and process them in our system (Flexkids). You organise the waiting lists and, when processing new registrations, take into account the occupancy rate, the inflow, outflow and child-pedagogical employee ratio. The goal is an optimal child occupancy at all our locations.
  2. This makes you the contact person for parents who want to be on the waiting list. You are the business card of Natuurfontein. You sense what the parent is looking for and can respond well. Customer-oriented communication is important.
  3. Finally, you are also there for our employees. As a digital wizard you extinguish fires and make sure everyone has access to the right systems (such as Flexweb for the roster, the employee portal, Google Workspace, and more).


✓ Have a minimum of MBO-4 thinking level
✓ Are available for 24-32 hours a week
✓ Have extensive experience in planning and processing complex issues and are great at analysing. Do you have less experience, but the right mindset? Then we would also like to hear from you!
✓ Have knowledge of database systems. If you are familiar with Flexkids, you'll get bonus points
✓ Also get bonus points if you know how modern computer programs like ToDoist, Teams/Meet, and helpdesks work
✓ Have knowledge of or demonstrable affinity with modern software
✓ Picks things up on your own
✓ Can handle stress, doesn't give up easily, and knows how to speak to parents
✓ Are a star in Dutch and English

What do you get?

In return for your talents, you will of course receive a lot of great things from us:

  • We give you money. Because yes: We like building huts and getting dirty, but we prefer to sleep in a real bed (and so do you). We pay you according to the Cao childcare scale 7. Your travel expenses will also be reimbursed (if you live further than ten kilometres). 
  • And if you promise to come back, you can go on holiday from your holiday days.
  • And just like nature, we also like to grow and flourish. That is why we give you budget and space for self-development. 
  • Many opportunities for advancement.
  • Flexibility, a lot of independence.
  • A fun and diverse team.


Mickey (29) - Educational Coach

Why did you join this company? 

Before this I worked as a teacher in special education. During these years I noticed that nature had a positive effect on the well-being of my students. However, I could not always get the freedom to be outside for a whole day. I also wanted to be outside more. Then I found the Natuurfontein, where nature and pedagogy are inextricably linked.

What was your last job? 

Teacher, special education.

What do you do in your spare time? 


Kevin (32) - Pedagogic Employee 

Why did you join thiscompany?

I joined Natuurfontein in 2014 with the idea of working there for 3 months between my work in Sweden and the United States, but eventually I came back and never left. I love being outside with the kids. In addition, it is wonderful to have so much freedom in thinking about and carrying out activities. Natuurfontein is an organization that cares about its employees and helps them with their development.

What was your last job? 

Activity leader and tour guide Johannisholm Adventure in Mora, Sweden.

What do you do in your spare time? 

In my free time I prefer to be sporty, so I play football, cycle, run, ski and snowboard.

Cool job?