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tough Green Site Manager


(Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated).

Hey you, do you like to roll up your sleeves to support a team and are not averse to structure and leadership? Do you love nature, but can you also handle a computer? Then you are in for a real treat as location manager at Natuurfontein. We are looking for a real go-getter with a hands-on mentality. As a location manager at one of our branches, you will lead your colleagues, form strong teams, keep them together and, of course, comply with our distinctive green policy. 

Before we continue, a quick word about us: it's good to know that Natuurfontein is no ordinary BSO. With us, everything revolves around nature. Our children always play outside, whatever the weather. And yes, they get a little dirty and wet. This is part of it, because that's what we stand for.

Why? Playing freely outside, romping around in nature and playing undisturbed is just great fun. But besides that, it stimulates a child's healthy development: it boosts your self-confidence, makes you resilient, gives balance, peace and a better concentration.

We see growing up in and with nature as a starting point and pass this on to our children. Bushcraft, risk-free play, cooking in nature - we do it all!

As a location manager, it's nice if this adventurousness suits you. That's why we are looking for a nature lover, someone with a hands-on mentality who has leadership experience, is responsible, doesn't shy away from some digital tools, and likes to get down to business. Someone who doesn't mind getting on a cargo bike and getting their hands dirty to solve something.

But at the same time, as a location manager, you naturally know how to comply with our policies and deal with the practical matters of our branch(s) behind the scenes.

About you

  • Have leadership experience or enjoy diving in and learning all the ins and outs;
  • You are a go-getter and a go-getter with a hands-on mentality. You like to roll up your sleeves to get to work;
  • Enjoys arranging things for people and making sure they can get to work relaxed;
  • Are decisive (you know what you want and don't let yourself get off track), positive and flexible;
  • Has appropriate digital skills and can structure;
  • gets the best out of the team;
  • Can communicate well, loves nature and also speaks English
  • Also speaks some English

is this you? Then we REALLY WANT YOU!

That's how you want us:

We like to build cabins and love to get dirty, but we prefer to just sleep in a real bed (at least, most of us). And a hot shower is nice, too. And that, unfortunately, does not grow on trees.

✓ Money: You get a fixed competitive salary, depending on your experience and number of hours (between 24 and 40 hours per week). We'll pay you according to the Cao childcare rate, scale 9/10.
✓ Travel expenses and vacation: Your travel expenses will be reimbursed, and if you promise to come back, you'll also be allowed to just take a vacation from your vacation days.
✓ Development: And we like to grow and flourish too, just like nature. That's why we give you budget and space for self-development. This will give you the tools to make your role your own and take new initiatives - we love that.
✓ Great colleagues: And perhaps best of all: you will surround yourself with special, smart, unique, stubborn, fantastic, great colleagues and the very nicest, sweetest, dirtiest and most delicious children in Amsterdam.

What do you do in a day at Natuurfontein?

And what is green?

Even more visual? Check out these video.

About NAtuurfontein

Natuurfontein exists since 2011 and was once the first, nature-oriented BSO of Amsterdam. After all this time we are still a fast growing organization with now 5 cool locations in West. We work with a great team of over 70 employees and enjoy playing outside in Amsterdam with over 600 children every week.

  • in Amsterdam
  • 70% / 30%
  • Average age: 30 years
  • 60 employees

get to know your team



As a former PM and now an intern at Natuurfontein, I am very happy with all the opportunities I am given. I can use my creativity in devising and implementing green developmental support activities. There is a lot of opportunity to participate in knowledge deepening trainings. Furthermore, I get the time and space to work on my internship assignments and receive attentive guidance in the process. I grew up in the city and really missed playing outside in nature. That's why I think it's so cool to be able to offer this to the next generation. Being outside every day is a huge gift not only for me, but also for the children.


Thomas - Teaching Assistant

Thomas consciously chose Natuurfontein. According to him, nature is exactly what children need. "At Natuurfontein children gain important experiences that they do not get at school. In this way, we make a positive contribution to development. We choose the greenest places ourselves and also organise activities based on our own interests. I draw inspiration from my own childhood memories of scouting, and in the meantime I get to experience things myself!

Cool job?

(Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated).