How can I enroll my child?

Complete the application form to register your child. You can find the request form here.

What is the pincode for my flexkids app?

The general pincode for the Flexkids app is 5369.

How do I find out where my child is playing?

Every day our employees make a note in the Flexkids app. If you log in on your account, you will see where your child (ren) are playing at that time. 

If you want to pick up your child earlier, you can always call one of our pedagogical staff via the group mobile. You can find this number by going to the location page and clicking on your school in the map.

I would like to exchange a day, how does that work?

Natuurfontein has devised an (exchange) credit system as an extra service. This gives the possibility to save days on which your child does not come and to use it again at another time, if we have a place.

 How? see the detailed description and film here. We have also drawn up some rules for this. You                                  can find these rules by clicking here.

How can I ask the parent committee a question?

Each location has its own parent committee. You can contact them for questions, complaints or advice. These committees can be reached via the following e-mail address:



Westerpark West:

Where can I apply for childcare allowance?

Parents can apply for childcare allowance with the government. If you want to know if you are eligible, click here. Or check the website of the Tax Authorities for more information.

If I want to cancel or adjust the contract, how does this work?

A contract change or cancellation must always be done via Flexweb ('opvang' tab). Only after this has been done can we approve it. Changes or cancellations via any other means of communication will not be processed. You can also click directly on the blue button below.

My child is being picked up by someone else. Do I have to let this know?

If someone else is picking up your child (ren) at Natuurfontein that’s not a problem, but always let us know. You can report this by telephone to one of our pedagogical staff or via a note in the Flexkids app. Without a report, we are not allowed to give your children to strangers (for us).

Where can I cancel the day for my child?

When you go on holiday and your child does not come to Natuurfontein during this period, you can cancel these days in the Flexkids app. If you cancel on time it is possible to build up credit for other moments  (check our rules).  If this does not work, it is  still mandatory to cancel your child for the days that he / she does not come.

You can do this via the Flexkids app or via your Flexweb account. This way Natuurfontein can take this into account and adjust the program where necessary.

My child has become ill, where can I cancel the day?

Once your child has fallen ill, you can cancel the day via your Flexkids account.

Did you find out early in the morning or has something suddenly happened? Then contact us by phone at 020-4750103.

Which days is Natuurfontein open and at what times can we be reached?

On study and holiday days we are open daily from 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. On regular school days we pick up the children from school  (including Wednesday and Friday) We are open until 6:30 PM. If you want more information? Send us an email at

Contract period

All our contracts are annual contracts, but can be cancelled per month. This is possible per 1st or per 16th of the month.

We are members of the Disputes Committee.

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